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Benefits of Nutrient-Rich Smoothies
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Forget About Messy, 10+ Pound Countertop Blenders
Jettomatic Gets The Job Done Anywhere

For decades, Americans have spent hundreds on bulky countertop blenders that weigh 10+ LBS, and are a hassle to use and clean. Jettomatic changes everything!

It's compact, weighs about 1 lb, blends delicious smoothies (and more) in 60 seconds, and even cleans itself with a bit of water and drop of soap!

It's never been simpler to eat healthy and stay in shape - no matter your age.

Experts call this tech
"Cyclone Blending"

  • Supports Metabolism & Fat Burn

    Jettomatic makes it simple to have your daily 'fat burn' smoothie & get in shape fast (free recipes included).

  • Promotes Blood Flow & Heart Health

    Flood your body with pure, clean nutrients every day to keep your heart working at its best.

  • Boosts Energy, Mood & Well-Being

    Jettomatic's Cyclone blending extracts all the nutrients you're missing out on -- helping energize your mind and body in seconds.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Lightweight and Portable, Yet Just As
Powerful as $200 Kitchen Blenders

America's top celebs & fitness pros won't go a day without a nutrient-packed smoothie -- and now Jettomatic has ALL the modern features you need to join them!

Innovative Technology

  • Cyclone Blending

    Jettomatic's 3D, 6-blade tech whips around ingredients up to 200 times per second so you get the absolute maximum nutrients from every sip!

  • Portable & Lightweight

    Take your Jettomatic anywhere -- the office, car, gym and more! It even turns into its own cup for easy drinking in any location.

  • Compact and Affordable

    Forgot about bulky, traditional $200 blenders. Now you can free up your counter, reduce prep & cleaning to mere seconds, and save a small fortune too!

Ultra Convenient

  • Smoothies, Shakes and More

    Enjoy a healthier heart, waistline, gut and more -- with the tastiest, nutrient-rich smoothies, shakes, and even purees, sauces, and dips. (your friends will think you're a genius!)

  • Long-Lasting Battery

    Handles TWELVE smoothies on one charge. Then pop in the USB cable and it's back to 100% in just 1 hour.

  • Cleans Itself

    Hate cleanup? New self-cleaning tech means you just need a drop of soap, a splash of water and ONE button for an instantly clean blender.

+ Get 3 Free Bonus Gifts

Why Trust Jettomatic?
Works Like The "Other Guys" - Yet Half The Price!

Jettomatic's powerful Cyclone blending technology whips up ingredients up to 200x per second -- miles faster than the "other guys". Plus, it's portable, USB-powered and even cleans itself!

All The Benefits

Powerful 3-dimensional, 6-blade tech, engineered for 200X nutrient extraction that produces nutrient-rich, health-boosting, "chunk-free" smoothies in under 60 seconds!

  • Slim Down in No Time
  • Enjoy All-Day Energy
  • Whole-Body Health

Without The Work

With Jettomatic, it's easier than ever to enjoy delicious smoothies at-home or "on the go" -- with truly genius "smart tech" made for the 21st century including:

  • Easy, Cord-Free Blending
  • A Blender That Cleans Itself!
  • Durable, yet Light & Portable

+ Get 3 Free Bonus Gifts